First and foremost. When handling these pieces, take rings or other hard or sharp objects off of your hands first. These objects can scratch the paint or gilt from the glass.

These pieces are painted with a high-grade enamel, similar to auto paints. They are very archival and will last forever if care is taken. These paints are not fired on and so the pieces should be thought of as paintings first, and glass second. Take care of them the way you would take care of a painting. Do not scratch or scrape the painted surfaces with sharp objects. Do not immerse the pieces in water. Whenever you must ship the piece, make sure you place a soft cotton cloth over the piece before wrapping it in bubble wrap. When cleaning, use any glass cleaner, the paint is very durable and will clean to a bright finish. Care should be taken though when cleaning the gold and other metal leaf, use soft materials, and rub very gently. Do not use any solvents, do not use soapy water. Glass cleaner is the best. Do not leave the pieces outside. If you have any questions about how to care for my work, feel free to contact me.