Habatat Exhibition 2006

The ubiquitous debate in glass, “is it art or is it craft” has always appeared to me as a doorway through which to explore the incredible medium of glass. I make art because I believe art making has the potential to expose one to the deepest recesses of human existence, specifically into the arena of meaning.
As a decorative art, glass has a long and established history that allows modern practitioners to build upon the past and create today, works of beauty and desire. For me though, the challenge that beckons is “when does decoration morph into content, and move beyond beauty into meaning?”
Because imagery is relevant to both the decorative arts and the realms of what we call in the west “depth psychology” and “phenomenology” (modern psychological sciences that encompass religion, mythology and iconography) it has offered me a rich vein from which to mine the “ore” of meaning. That ore is the imagery itself.
My current work continues to explore this connection between form, imagery and meaning in the human psyche. Iconographic and mytho-poetic imagery coupled with color and form, create works that I hope evoke a dreamlike experience which will transport one into this both mundane and magical realm.

To delve into the subtle “realities” of this incomprehensible universe in which we exist, we look to our scientists for equations, those hard nuggets of fact, but to experience an understanding of what it “means to be human now”, facts are not enough. We need vehicles that will transport us into the heart of mystery. The vehicle I find most compelling is the dream imagery of the psyche.