The following is a summary of the techniques I use to apply enamels to glass without firing them on (cold applied)

The paints I use are called "Sign Painters One Shot", which is the brand name of an enamel paint used in industry for signs, autos, anything which requires intense color and durability. The paints are also known as "Japan Paints". They can be purchased in any major city in the USA, usually in sign painters supply shops, or auto paint speciality shops. Look in the Yellow Pages for the sign painters supply shop nearest you.

These paints have the characteristics of excellent adhesion,(they have been used by sign painters for lettering on glass for decades) Incredible covering ability, (hence the name "One Shot") durability, (hence their use on outdoor signs and autos) and archival quality.

The drawbacks are that these paints are toxic in formulation, and as such should not be used where children may get their hands (and mouths) on them, either the raw paints or the finished products. Good ventilation is a must when working with these paints, (or any paints for that matter). Since these paints are not fired on, they can be scraped off with sharp implements, and so painted objects should be handled with care. They may be cleaned with window cleaner, but NEVER use solvents of any kind, nor should the pieces be allowed to be immersed in any cleaners or water. These pieces should be considered PAINTINGS on glass, and not glass itself.

These paints form a skin after the can has been opened. To use simply remove and discard the skin, mix the paint if necessary, and begin. It is wise to put the paints into smaller jars so that the repeated removal of the skin before painting doesnÕt become a huge waste of paint.

The principles of using these paints on glass are as follows:

These are some basic principles for cold painting on glass. It is a learn as you go process, and the subtlies will become evident to you only as you work. There is only so much you can discover by reading and listening to others, so use this guide and start yourself on the road of discovery and enjoyment.